Aquatic Rescue Training (ART)
Aquatic Rescue Training

Lifesavers / first aiders can bridge the gap between an incident being discovered and the arrival of the emergency services. In effect we can make a crucial difference. Emergencies don’t just happen to other people – it could be our family or friends who we love and care. We may need these life saving skills – to save their lives!

Aquatic Rescue Training - in water resuscitation.

V3 Aquatic Club Aquatic Rescue Training (V3 ART) programmes are customised with different target audience in mind. Before drafting any program, we need to appreciate the participants’ background and comprehend their goals, then we can crystallise a progressive training programme to help participants to achieve their objectives based on their current foundation.

CPR Training - Any time any where...It is not possible to have 2 emergency situations that are totally alike; therefore the basic principles will be emphasized in V3 ART programmes rather than dogmatically focusing on a standard method of rescue. These basic foundations are essential for further self development and growth.

V3 ART Programmes are exclusively crafted to meet your personal goals. Some of our popular programmes are:

  • Water Safety & Lifesaving Awareness Workshops (WSLA):

    • for Children.
    • for Children / Infant First Aid Training - Oxygen ResuscitationCaregiver.
    • for Condominiums.
    • for Hotels and Resorts.

  • Emergency Care for Aquatic Accident (ECAA1, ECAA2, ECAA3).
  • First Aid Certifications:
    • for Sports Coaches*.
    • for Scuba Divers.
    • for Children / Infant Caregiver.

    • * “The Standard First Aid course is accredited by the National First Aid Council for the National Registry of Coaches for 2012/2013.”
  • Singapore Life Saving Society (SLSS) Certifications:
    • Lifesaving123, Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross... etc.
  • Divers Alert Network (DAN) Certifications:
    • Oxygen, First Aid, CPR, AED, HMLI, NEURO.

A typical Water Safety & Lifesaving Awareness Workshop (WSLA) is as follows:

Workshop Objectives:
Upon completion of V3 WSLA, the participants will be capable of:

First Aid Training for Children/Infant Caregiver. Prevention of Accidents – increase the Awareness of Water Safety and gain the ability to Identify Potential Danger areas and activities.

Personal Survival – establish the basic Knowledge and Skills for Self Rescue in general aquatic emergency.

Rescue of Others – possess the Confidence and Proper Approach to perform a Rescue as a team when needed.

Therefore, significantly Enhance the Safety Margin of Self, and Others.

Workshop Outline:
Concept of Life Saving – the 3 Elements.
Water Safety – Understanding & Awareness.
Personal Survival – Against the Odds.
Principles of Water Rescue – the 6 Steps.
Recognition of Emergency – the 3 Phases.Aquatic Rescue Training - Never too young to save lives.
Categories of Drowning Persons – the 4 Groups.
Assessment Techniques – the SAFE Approach.
Rescue Plans – the 7 Methods.
Managing resources – Selection & Application.
The Actions – the 3 Levels.
Entries and Exits – Choices.
Emergency Care & First Aid.
Related Knowledge – Rescuer Protection, Personal Issues, Media, Police Investigation, Legal Considerations.
Initiative Training & Case Studies.


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