Adult Aquatic Training (AAT)

Swimming is:

  • the essential and basic life saving skill;
  • the ideal sport for health, fitness and even rehabilitation; and
  • the gateway to a multitude of aquatic activities and exciting lifestyle.

V3 Aquatic Club Adult Aquatic Training (V3 AAT) Programmes are exclusively crafted to meet your personal goals. Some of our popular programmes are:

  • V3 AAT Beginner programmes for non and weak swimmers to conquer water phobia and reap the benefits and pleasure of swimming.

  • V3 AAT Fitness programmes for individuals with personal health or rehabilitation objectives.

  • V3 AAT Strokes Development programmes for swimmers who want to learn, correct, or enhance competitive strokes: Breaststroke, Front Crawl, Backstroke and Butterfly.

  • V3 AAT Aquathlete programmes for competent swimmers who want to sharpen their performance for swimming or triathlon competitions.

  • V3 AAT Aquanaut programmes for skin and scuba divers to condition their physique, develop efficient finning techniques, and upgrade their vital water skills for the open sea.


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